For a long time, Linda used her private dresses in her job at the restaurant, during events and catering gigs. But since kitchen workwear require washing at a minimum of 60°C (140°F) and is only to be worn at work according to Swedish laws, her dresses were quickly worn out. 

Her experience gave rise to the idea of a Chef Dress. Not everyone is comfortable in a chef jacket and trouser. There have to be alternatives. So when Linda was interviewed by the local newspaper, and they asked what she wanted in her easter egg, she replied:

“Since I’m not a big fan of candy, the only thing on my wishlist is a Chef Dress.”

When textile designer Carin read the local newspaper, she noticed Lindas desire for a chef dress and started thinking. Excited by the idea, she went down to Linda’s restaurant with the suggestion they’d create one together in a collaboration. They hit it off immediately and the rest is history.


– Made in Italy

– Oeko-tex certified

The material of professional kitchen workwear needs to follow strict requirements. The workwear needs to be durable in order to be machine-washed every day in at least 60°C (140°F). On top of that, many kitchens want to be able to send their laundry to industrial washing, which requires further quality of the material.

In addition to the wear and tear that the laundry causes, the garments must of course also withstand a tough working environment with, for example, heat, splashes from pots, grease, etc.

In the choice of the textile used for the dresses, it was also an obvious choice for us to go with something that is environmentally sustainable.

We have chosen materials for our chef dresses with great care, according to the above mentioned criteria. After much research, we finally found the material we were looking for in Italy. Our fabric is certified with Oeko-tex 100, which guarantees an environmentally friendly production of the material at all levels. It is a so-called “workwear” fabric of high quality, which can withstand tough treatment, washing at least 60°C (140°F), and also industrial washing. It is a satin woven fabric, which is wrinkle resistant and also very comfortable to use.


Our dresses are made in Europe!

To avoid unnecessary CO² emissions from long transports, we looked for a supplier in Europe. The choice fell on a small factory in Lithuania where working conditions are good and the staff has long experience. In 2020, the factory became GOTS certified. GOTS includes strict environmental criteria as well as social criteria along the entire textile manufacturing chain.

We have visited the factory and met those who sew our dresses. We feel pride and humility regarding their expert knowledge in the textile industry.